Pre-Marital Ministries & Ceremony Officiating

      A Promise For Two:

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Marriage Prep for Couples

All our Marriage Prep Services are designed with you in mind. Whether it be Talk & Explore, Prepare-Enrich or the PAIR Assessment service. We take pride in looking at the individuality and uniqueness of your relationship. In addition, I feel the best place to get to know who you are is in your own environment, therefore, I will meet you in your own home for any counseling service (limited to the following areas: Billings, Laurel, Shepherd, or Lockwood).

Talk and Explore

The Talk and Explore sessions cover your goals, desires and concept of relationships. We explore your current relationship to discover which areas you see 'eye to eye' in and what areas, there may be issues. In issue area's, skills are gained in meeting the needs of both partners, and couples learn to compromise and listen to the needs of each other in a safe, healthy environment; learning to work together in gaining important skills to enhance their relationship.


The use of Reality Therapy is used in our Talk & Explore option for couples. We look at the commonality of wants, goals, doing & thinking, and perceptual systems. We look at how your choices and behaviors affect your life; taking responsibility for your own actions and learn to recognize the only person you can control is yourself.


Prepare-Enrich Relationship Assessment

"The PREPARE/ENRICH Assessment is an online survey that you take with your partner to help you identify the unique strengths and potential growth areas of your premarital or married relationship. It is a sophisticated instrument that must be interpreted by a trained facilitator. PREPARE/ENRICH is the #1 relationship inventory and couples assessment tool" (

For more information on Prepare-Enrich, please visit their website:

PAIR Assessment

PAIR stands for Psychological Audit of Interpersonal Relationships.

The PAIR test is a comprehensive tool that assists in identifying relationship dynamics. In addition, it assists individuals in understanding themselves and their partners. Through the use of the assessments couples can learn to effectivily communicate better and learn to avoid arguments that afflict so many couples in the first few years of marriage.

Marriage Prep Fees

Prepare-Enrich or PAIR Assessment hourly rate: $35.00 / 3 hour minimum (Does not include $35.00 Prepare-Enrich or PAIR assessment fee)

Talk & Explore hourly rate: $35.00 - no minimum

Communication Tip:

You can maintain closeness and intimacy in your relations by showing each other respect, talking with each other and spending time jointly. If each couple could preserve closeness and intimacy they felt when they began dating and were first married the divorce rate would considerably drop and might be as disappear. (

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