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      A Promise For Two:

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"I would definitely recommend her to my friends"     - Carla Simmons

"I was so comfortable, she really made me feel that I could share and open up my heart"      - Dale Stevens

A Special Thank-you!

Thanks to Eric and Heather Viet’s at for their assistance and willingness to share their wisdom and Pre-Engaged agreement with us!

They have a blog full of free information for people who are looking to prepare well for marriage.

Communication Tip:

Use kind words, if you are to angry to talk calmly, take a break and talk when the anger has subsided. However, make sure you talk about it instead of ignore the situation.

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Being prepared for a life-time commitment to another is an essential aspect in the longevity of the relationship! Having the proper tools to combat differences assists couples in overcoming hurt feelings. Our Marriage Prep courses, whether working as a couple or with other couples will assist you in gaining valuable tools to have a happy marriage!


"Psychological research shows that researched-based marital education programs are effective in helping couples stay together and making unhappy marriages more satisfying" (

Couples who do not partake in Marriage Prep courses have a 50% higher risk of divorce. Taking a Marriage Prep course reduces that risk by 30%! (

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Officiating Services

I will assist you in the creation of a memorable ceremony, incorporating your thoughts, feelings and style into your day! You can use pre-designed ceremonies or we can design a ceremony that is unique to you!




A Promise for Two is a non-denominational ministry providing officiating services in Yellowstone County. I perform religious ceremonies, secular ceremonies, vow renewals and commitment ceremonies.


If you have a friend or family member in mind to perform your ceremony, I am happy to assist, train and share ceremony ideas with them for a small fee.

Relationship Assessments

Prepare/Enrich, PAIR or 'Talk & Explore' formats, each offer an extensive and comprehensible look at your relationship. How you see and deal with various areas of life; what areas you agree on and what areas you don't. By using an assessment format, couples can gain valuable insight into how they communicate and handle life's issues. In addition, sessions can be conducted in the comfort of your own home!

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